How to Advertise to Your Local Community

Utilize Hashtags

Social media and online advertising is a great way to advertise your business to anyone and everyone, however you can also utilize this method to target your local audience. Our previous blog discussed the use of hashtags in your social posts, and we strongly recommend using both hashtags and location tags on your social posts. Try to find specific regional tags tool; for example in the Niagara region, we could use #niagara #niagararegion #niagarafalls. Even hashtag specific towns like #stcatharines #jordan #beamsville or use even expand those into: #gta #thesix #horseshoe, and tag your location so people can see where you are instantly without having to dig into your business details. There are a lot of options to make sure people interested in those locations can see your posts and you should be using them to your best ability, especially if your target audience is local.

Classical approach to advertise locally

Old school ways of advertising are also key for targeting a specific region. Print out posters and pamphlets to put up at the local information hub or cafés, or anywhere locals hang out. You could also look into local papers or magazines, see where your customers would most likely see the Ad and what offers the best effect for your money. Many customers in this day and age are also seeking out local, fresh, and ethically driven businesses, and so prominently advertising your local roots could be helpful creating a customer base. Many times, the best place to find a local business is to go and see who sponsors the local open mic night, or which companies have bought an Ad spot in the local newspaper. So figure out where your customers hang out or where they get their entertainment, and see if you can get your business involved through these simple local opportunities.

Know whats happening in the community

Getting involved in the community is a great start to advertising locally.
One incredible part of living in the Niagara region is the constant events and tradeshow opportunities available here. Every year, there is a number of handmade markets, harvest festivals, Christmas bazaars, and more. This is a great opportunity to highlight your business to interested customers in a great and organized way. As soon as you see an event advertised to the public, it may already be too late to book a booth space or ad spot, so make sure you are constantly researching these events ahead of time. Make sure you look at small town events too, for example, you can usually find a list of events on city websites such as this one for Niagara Falls.

Make contacts

Another tip is to make contacts within event management, and so when these events start to be planned, you are top on the list of companies they will contact.
You can also join online forums and community groups to post ads or information about your services to let people in your area know what you can do for them. Be careful though, as some of these forums have specific rules on advertising or spamming practices, so be professional and read the rules first.
Our number one tip for advertising specifically for locals, is to use your clients and networks to your advantage. Local business owners, current happy customers, and other professionals can spread the word for your business and services with the word of mouth. It is important to keep in mind here that the more you impress others and deliver on promises, the more likely others are to spread the word about you or your product naturally. This could not only get you a great reputation, but organically will create customers that already live within the region.

Want to read more helpful tips about social media? Check out our previous blog on our favourite resources to use. If you have any questions or need help managing your marketing goals, you can always contact us and see what we can offer for your business!

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