Why Do Small Businesses Need a Website?

In the age of online connectivity, many small and growing businesses are discovering the importance of having a website. At Orion we have created numerous websites for clients in the Niagara Region who have seen the improved impact on their businesses themselves.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your small business will benefit from a professional website:

Access of Information

Having a website is essential in offering important information and updated details for your customers and clients. A good website can offer everything a customer would need to know such as open hours, FAQ’s, customer service, employee profiles, and even employment opportunities.


The ability to describe services and/or products available. Provide examples, projects, and reviews for prospective customers to browse.

When was the last time you researched a business online? People will often do a deep dive into many products if they are thinking about buying them online.

Lets take products for example:

Seeing the products one company offers all in one place is very informational to the average buyer. Unlike standing in the isle of a store being faced with the many products available, attracting a customer to your website allows you to be front and center of the buyers eye. Taking the opportunity to describe your products, their specific benefits, or natural ingredients for example is a great opportunity to sell to the buyer that you usually only get in small print on the bottle. You can highlight certain products, offer discounts, and even offer a quiz or infographic on which type of product would be best for them.

This works for services too. If your business revolves around offering something tangible or experience, featuring pictures and in-depth descriptions of these particular services can also show many customers and clients what to expect from your business and why they should pick your service over others.

Contact / Lead Creation

Providing contact pages and contact forms, even social media links(facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), offers easy access and communication with you and your team. Anyone interested in a product or service can easily find your details and where or who they should contact for further information or follow-up. Check out our contact page for an example!

Cart / Purchase Ability

A website could also offer the ability to have customers easily purchase or book a service.

Products can be added quickly and easily to an online shopping cart, and using the right programs, can be purchased in just a few clicks. Products could also be bundled or discounted with sale codes. More and more people are preferring to shop online, and especially in today’s online world. Services can also be booked via an online scheduling tool, making booking much more seamless for customers.

Professional Image and Branding

Having a website set-up can demonstrate the quality of your company. Would you be more likely to go to a restaurant that had a website featuring great images, many great reviews, and descriptions of items on the menu, or one that you see on google maps but didn’t have website or any reviews on the food? In this age of connectivity, we like to see what we are purchasing or hoping to experience before we get said product or service. A website is a great way to show the customer why they should be interested in what your business has to offer.

We are always here to help elevate your business with our expertise, so contact us today if you are interested in a free consultation about how we can get your website up and running! We also offer numerous other services for small and larger businesses. Check out our other blogs for more tips and sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and informed.

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