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Ryhope Engines Museum

Orion digital services recently completed a project for the Ryhope Engines Museum, a volunteer-run organization located in Sunderland, UK. The project involved a range of services, including web hosting, website design, photography, videography, and social media marketing.

One of the most important aspects of the project was the redesign of the museum’s website. The backend of the website was cleaned up, and the infrastructure was developed with stability and security in mind. This was essential for ensuring that the website could handle a large volume of traffic and that visitors could access it quickly and easily. The new website design also provided a more modern and user-friendly experience for visitors, making it easier for them to find the information they need about the museum and its exhibits.

Another key aspect of the project was the creation of new branding for the museum. This included a new logo, as well as photography and videography to help promote the museum’s events and exhibits. The use of drone photography and documentary-style videography helped to showcase the museum’s unique location and history, providing a compelling and engaging way for visitors to learn about the museum and its exhibits.

Finally, social media marketing was an important part of the project, helping to promote the museum and its events to a wider audience. This included creating and managing social media accounts for the museum, as well as creating targeted advertising campaigns to attract visitors to the museum’s website and events. By leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram the museum was able to reach a larger audience and build a stronger online presence.

Overall, the range of services provided by Orion digital services helped to rejuvenate the branding and online presence of the Ryhope Engines Museum, making it easier for visitors to find information about the museum and its exhibits, and helping to promote the museum’s events and activities to Sunderland local and a wider audience in the North East.


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