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Creative and Geniune


Digital marketing can be a struggle for many; whether you are just starting off or were developed before this whole “social media” thing came along. Orion is here to help with social media, email marketing, newsletters, advertising or supporting your plan of action. Our experience covers many 21st Century marketing demands such as running several social media profiles, writing press releases, creating and distributing both newsletters and e-blasts to numerous subscribers. 

Next Generation


Technology is often the main concern of many of our clients, not just for digital marketing but also for personal use. Staying on top of your devices, software and websites can be difficult and that is why we try to stay ahead of all the technological advances and implement them for you! We have experience with creating, editing, and hosting websites for local business in Sunderland and Newcastle region, researching and installing programs that can help things run smoothly and dealing with digital and physical tech-clutter.  

Vivid and Inspiring


Incorporating all your photography and videography business needs.  We have experience conducting professional and product photoshoots as well as interview sessions, professional lecture series, and even personal vlog style videos. You name it, we can capture and showcase it!  

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Hello 21st century

Using our knowledge and skills, we want to help save you time, stress, and confusion when it comes to technology, media and marketing demands. 

Social Media​​

Platform and content audits, consultations to determine the needs of your business, we will work with you to establish your social presence along with keyword analysis and grow your audience for capturing clients.

Content Management

Determining the content your audience wants to see and will be interested in. Providing ideas, tips and content to continue growth and communication through social media and content platforms.

Marketing Campaigns

After working with you to understand your needs in marketing whether on social media, blogs, newsletters and
e-blasts. We will share with you our proposed strategies, marketing elements and social media secrets.


Technology can be confusing and can easily clutter up both our personal and business lives. We can help clean up the process and work with you to save you time and effort when it comes to communication with your clients and streamlining your technology usage.

Web Design​

Creating from scratch or with an established website, we improve the website based on the needs of the business and clients. We aim to make a sleek, professional and easy-to-use website that reflects your product and services in the best way. We design your website to generate business.

Business Systems

Whether helping you with the POS systems, document management or streamlining business needs, our support can help give you peace of mind.
We can troubleshoot technical issues and provide an immediate quality service to get you back up and running. We understand business continuity!

Graphic Design​​

Your business' branding across all platforms is vital for image. We aim to help with designs, imaging and content creation to make sure your image is effectively presented.


We can address all your photography needs. From head-shots, product images and website images, we can schedule a photo-shoot with you to capture your business needs.


Experienced in promotional, product, professional interviews, and b-roll. Our team has a passion for creating quality and eye catching videos. We care about attention to detail and we will work to produce only the best.

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If you didn’t see what you are looking for on our website, contact us and we will endeavour to assist.  Ask away, we are always up for a challenge! 

We do offer consultations.  Email or call us and we can arrange a free consultation session.

Yes, we provide a full service social marketing to manage and post on your platforms. We will find the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, if you don’t want to provide us with full access or management responsibilities, we can offer you guidance, strategies and content ideas. It is all down to you. 

We are based in Sunderland and service the greater Sunderland and Newcastle region and also communicate beyond. We can meet wherever/however best to meet your needs, whether at a coffee shop meeting, in-office assessments or over online meeting.  

Due to the variety of services offered, and no one business has the same needs, service costs will depend on the project scope and requirements.

We provide value added services and expertise in three major pillars; marketing, technology and media. Most of all we care about growing local businesses, in the greater Sunderland and Newcastle region, and hope to provide an all encompassing experience. We always follow up and are always here to help. 

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