How to use Media to elevate your business

Media is the silent partner of any company. We can often forget to appreciate what a great media program can provide, however to your customers it is obvious when media is missing.

We know this isn’t you, so why put a picture of a “standard business man” on your website?

Media encompasses great photography and videography services. This could mean numerous things for your business such as product photoshoots, interviews, professional lectures, or trailers highlighting your services. Here are some of our top ways that we suggest using media to your best advantage.

Real People, Real Photos

It has become especially easy to spot fake or staged images. Sometimes you can spend a lot of money to buy these perfected and curated stock images, but it may be best to instead just get some authentic photos that best show what your business represents.

Can you pretend this is you rafting down the Niagara river?

Services can especially benefit from this approach. A local tour guide in Niagara Falls for example would be best using actual images of what a client can expect on one of their excursions. Don’t have any images yourself? Why not ask your clients who may have some great shots of you “doing your thing” or the great scenic areas you took them to? It has been proved that if you see a false image of any model tour guide, standing in front of a token landmark like the Eiffel tower…how would a prospective client really know you know anything about Niagara Falls? Pictures create a sense of truth and reality.

By using false or staged images, how are you demonstrating you are a real service they can trust or see examples of what they should expect from a day with you.

For products, this can be a similar story. Using real product shots can give a reliable idea of what any customer should expect to receive in a product. Think in terms of amazon or any purchasing site, seeing a distorted or unrealistic image of a product does convey a sense of distrust. Similarly, think of a menu at a restaurant. Do you gravitate to the menu items with mouth-watering pictures or the ones that are a complete mystery to you?

Tell your story, show your business

Use video to convey your message, whatever that may be!

Advertising itself is moving away from a large production made-for-tv advertisements. Vlogging and youtube-ing has taken off in the recent decades, so why not jump on the bandwagon and get your message out via video format. These types of commercial videos do not need to be huge expenses or productions. If we use the example of a local tour guide, videos could advertise to prospective clients exactly what to expect from your services. In this case, it would be quite simple to organize for our team to join along with one of your tours to create a cool video to add to your website, share on social media, or use in any way you want.

If your business would be more suited, you could instead try other styles of video to discuss your business or products whilst showing your personal touch and values of the company. This could be an interview, a lecture series, a FAQ or a “how-to” section. Many customers love to see the people behind the logo, and this is a great way to interact with your customer base by showing off what you do and what you can offer them.

Feel free to contact us about any of these opportunities, or check out our services to see other ways we can help you elevate your business.

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