How to manage communication and social media during the pandemic

  • Make your status or situation clear

Ensure that whatever your business is doing or must do in response to government guidelines is clear and easily found. A consumer may be seeking out your product or services but may not know what your status is -are you delivering products still, running things completely online, or are you shut down for the time being?

Keep this information accessible and visible (at the top of your website, in a pinned tweet or the bio of your Instagram, or even changing business hours on google mybusiness). If you run a newsletter or delivery system, many companies are including these updates by sending them directly to customers in their inbox or as part of the delivery.

  • Continue to update clients/ customers

If anything changes with your situation, make sure to keep this information up-to-date. For example, if you have just transitioned to running your business virtually but your latest linked-in update was one of temporary closure, you should update your clients or customers of this change.

If your business is doing anything in aid of the fight against Covid-19, has changed their policies or production to help flatten the curve, or is supporting the health care system by adapting products or manufacturing -talk about it! Share everything you can! In this time of uncertainty and quarantine people desire good news more than ever, and people are willing to help and promote anything that spreads good news and support.

  • Read your audience, and adapt accordingly

You know your clients and customers the best, so its up to you to adapt your social media posts and marketing communications to what they might be needing right now. Is this customer base open to a comedic reaction or funny quarantine jokes? Or they may be more serious and wary of the future. Think about the kind of marketing you have seen from bigger companies recently – commercials that were very supportive and comforting, or others that tried to bring a smile to your face. What do you think your audience would best respond to right now?

  • Don’t overload your communication regarding Covid-19

Some of us have the news streaming and watching twitter hashtags 24/7, however some of us may be trying to avoid the words coronavirus in our lives as much as we can right now. Be careful not to overload with the use of this pandemic or use it as an excuse to be relatable. One or two updates is okay, but once companies started emailing me every single day to tell me they care about me -that is when I start unsubscribing. 

Contact us for more suggestions on how to continue communication through these uncertain times.

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