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Preserving Smiles

Old Becomes New

Here is our simple proccess


Bring us all your albums and stacks of photographs, and we'll do the rest!


We use industry standard digitization technology to keep your photograph's original form and quality.


We return all your photographs and a USB stick with all of the digitized photographs stored in it!

time has come to

Access all your memories

Like many of you we too have stacks of physicals pictures and albums of our most important memories. These memories often go forgotten as they are hidden away in a drawer or closet. Time to give them a new life!

Why Digitize?

After digitization of your photographs, you can safely browse them on your computer or mobile device. Giving you a peace of mind in case they get lost, damaged or destroyed. You can copy all your digitized photos to your family or friends devices and even share them on social media!

Our digitization equipment utilizes industry standard high precision scanning to keep the original quality of your photographs. If requested, we can assist with restoring discoloured and weathered photographs to their original form. 

Digitization Packages

$90 for up to 400 photos

$140 for up to 700 photos

$180 for up to 1200 photos

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